How to Download Google Classroom Files on Android Easily

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Most of the activities are carried out using the online system. Considering that we are still facing the Covid 19 pandemic situation, various internet technologies continue to progress. The platform that supports online learning is Google Classroom. One of the advantages is that you can easily download files on Google Classroom via an Android cellphone. How to?

Now, Google Classroom has been widely used by students and students to follow the online learning process well. For educators as well, Google Classroom makes it easy to share learning materials and assignments with all students at once in a practical and sophisticated way.

How to Download Google Classroom Files on Android Easily

Materials in the form of files, documents, videos, photos, etc. can be given to students by means of being uploaded by the teacher, so students can then download them with the help of google classroom too. However, maybe you are still confused about the procedure or how the google classroom works, especially to retrieve files or data in it and then store it on your Android phone or smartphone.

As follows, we will discuss in full about the tutorial using Google Classroom, which is retrieving data easily in Google Classroom, let's listen.

How to Download Files in Google Classroom on Android Easily

Downloading files and data is a good solution to help us open and read files easily without having an internet connection. Files or data that have been downloaded can also be used for printing or printing needs whenever and wherever we need. This is especially helpful for those of you who don't always have a smooth internet connection.

The steps for downloading files in Google Classroom are very easy, you can do this in the following steps:

  1. First of all, make sure that the Google Classroom application is installed on the Android phone or smartphone that you will use to store data or files. If it is not installed, please download and install it on the official Google Play Store application on your cellphone
  2. After successfully installing Google Classroom on your cellphone, the next step is to log in or log in using your email or google account. If you don't have a google or email account, please create one first.
  3. On the google classroom page that is already connected to your google or email account, you can click on the title containing the file or data that you want to download to your device. 
  4. After that, you can choose which document or file contains the data you want to download.
  5. After finding the file or data you are looking for, you click to download it
  6. When the file is open, there will be an arrow box symbol in the upper right corner, click the icon.
  7. What needs to be noted, when you are going to download a file or data in the form of word, pdf or PPT, you should first make sure that your Android phone or smartphone has installed an application for documents such as WPS Office.
  8. When you select the arrow box icon, the file or data that you want to save will switch to the WPS Office application
  9. In WPS Office, click the " next " option and click on " Tools " then on the next menu " File " and click " Save as ".
  10. You can determine your own address or location for storing data or files that are downloaded on your Android phone or smartphone. Click where you want the storage to be. For example, if you want to save to the device select the option " Phone ".
  11. Don't forget to click save
  12. It's finished, now you can open or read files offline on your cellphone. There is also no need to open Google Classroom anymore, because the data is already stored safely on the device.

Easy right? This information is also very much needed not only for students but also for agency workers who may be new to using google classrooms to support a practical online system. This tutorial is done with the help of an internet network, after a successful download you don't need an internet connection anymore.

The description above is the latest information about the practical use of Google Classroom on your Android phone and smartphone. Thus, it will be easier for you to learn online or online systems because you can store materials and assignments practically. 

Not only is it easy to download material and learning assignments easily, there are many advanced features and facilities that you can get by using Google Classroom to make the online learning process easier. Don't hesitate to make the best use of it for optimal learning convenience with advanced technology. May be useful.