7 Best Car Insurance 2021

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How important is it to have car insurance? 

You may have been driving your car carefully, wearing a safety belt , and obeying applicable traffic signs. Unfortunately, the same thing may not be done by other drivers. 

It is not impossible, the negligence of others threatens the vehicle, even your safety. Not only accidents, criminal acts such as theft can happen to anyone.

Fortunately, there is car insurance that can minimize the financial losses experienced when this unexpected situation occurs. That way, the losses incurred are not as big as the actual losses.

However, having car insurance means having to pay a premium. Do you agree with the benefits you get? The answer, of course, is comparable. Origin .. can choose the right insurance.

Having car insurance is one way to keep your financial condition healthy. The benefits obtained can be greater than the premium paid. 

7 Best Car Insurance 2020

When there is a risk, the insurance company will cover the losses we experience, so that the financial burden we feel will be much lighter. 

As you know, a car is an asset that requires a lot of money to buy and maintain. Therefore, it is only natural to plan a budget properly to keep the value of these assets from decreasing, one of which is by having car insurance.

After realizing the importance of having car insurance, first understand the types of car insurance available so you don't get confused when choosing.

Generally, insurance companies provide two types of car insurance, namely all risk car insurance and total loss only (TLO). Understand the difference between the two through the following explanation. 

The difference between all risk car insurance and total loss only (TLO)

1. All risk car insurance

As the name suggests, all risk car insurance provides protection for all possible losses. Regardless of the percentage of damage, big or small.

Usually, this insurance also provides extended coverage covering damage caused by floods, riot cases, and other protection.

In some insurance companies, all risk car insurance is often referred to as comprehensive insurance or joint insurance.

2. Total loss only car insurance (TLO)

TLO car insurance coverage only covers losses whose value is more than 75 percent of the price of the car or lost due to a crime, such as theft. 

If there is minor damage with a loss of less than 75 percent of the value of the car, the loss will not be covered by the insurance company.

This 75 percent benchmark is used as the assumption that the damage caused to the car has rendered the car unusable.

For example, if a car is broken into and stolen while parked, TLO car insurance will cover the financial losses incurred. However, if the car is only scratched so that the resulting loss is guaranteed to be below 75 percent of the price of the car, the insurance company will not provide compensation.

With a comprehensive guarantee, the cost of all risk car insurance premiums is higher than TLO car insurance. That way, if you want complete protection, choose all risk car insurance . But if you want to save money and feel careful enough in driving, TLO car insurance is enough for you. 

In addition to the two types of car insurance, vehicle insurance is also known as a third party liability (TPL), which is insurance that guarantees protection from third party claims. A third party is anyone involved in an accident with your car. 

For example, the car you are driving is involved in an accident with another car containing three people, and all three are injured. Then the medical expenses for the three passengers will be borne by the insurance company. 

Or if the passenger is fine, but the car is damaged, the cost of repairing the car can be borne by your insurance company.

If you already know the type of car insurance that suits your needs, here are seven of the best 2019 car insurance options to choose from.

7 best car insurance recommendations in 2021

1. Sinarmas Car Insurance

Sinarmas car insurance offers three types of protection, namely combined and TPL, TLO and TPL, and only TPL.

Combined Sinarmas Insurance covers losses caused by accidents, criminal acts, fires, lightning strikes, accidents during crossings with official crossing equipment under the supervision of the Director General of Land Transportation, as well as losses due to guarding, transportation, or withdrawal to a workshop or other place.

Asuransi Sinarmas TPL provides guarantees covering claims for compensation from third parties, in the form of medical expenses, bodily injuries, medical expenses, and death.  

Meanwhile, for Sinarmas TLO car insurance, the risk that is guaranteed is the cost of repair or replacement if the damage is equal to or more than the price of the insured car.

You can also apply for an extension of coverage, covering damage due to disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis, personal accident insurance for drivers and passengers, and additional fees in the form of ambulance fees and transportation costs when the car is repaired.

One of the advantages of Sinarmas car insurance is that you can submit purchases online through the Sinarmas website, and submit claims directly to workshops that have collaborated with Sinarmas.

2. ACA Otomate car insurance

Aca Otomate Insurance offers car insurance in the form of packages that are equipped with various attractive facilities, from tow trucks to replacement cars.

Customers are also entitled to get a new car, if the car they own experiences a total loss. Condition, the car is only six months old from the date of purchase.

If you experience an unpleasant incident, such as a car breaking down on the road, customers can take advantage of the roadside assistance facility to ask ACA vehicle technicians for help directly at the scene of the incident.

When you want to submit a claim, customers don't need to go to the ACA branch office. The reason is, there is a mobile claim facility , which is a claim survey service directly at the customer's place by ACA officers.

To buy ACA Otomate car insurance, you can fill out the Buy form on the ACA website. Then, just waiting to be contacted by the ACA insurance officer.

3. Garda Oto car insurance

Regarding ease of service use, Garda Oto car insurance may be one step ahead of other insurance. Because, almost all car insurance services can be accessed digitally. 

Garda Oto has the Garda Mobile Otocare application that allows customers to monitor vehicle conditions, while making the process of claiming and requesting emergency services more practical.

Purchases to process insurance policy payments can also be made online by filling in your personal data on the Garda Oto website.

Purchasing a Garda Oto car insurance policy until the end of January 2019 will have the opportunity to get various tantalizing bonuses, such as 100 liter fuel vouchers, expansion of driver's personal accidents with a limit of 10 million, and various attractive merchandise .

4. Allianz MobilKu car insurance

Allianz MobilKu Insurance offers three car insurance packages, namely Allianz MobilKu Grand with the most complete guarantee, Allianz MobilKu ECO with economical guarantees as needed, and Allianz MobilKu Non-Packages with protection options that can be tailored to your liking.

The advantage of Allianz MobilKu vehicle insurance is that the claim process is quite easy because it can be done through the official website or SMS service. 

Customers can also get additional protection in the form of a 24-hour guarantee from personal accident with a sum insured of Rp. 100 million which applies worldwide.

5. Autocillin Auto Insurance

Autocillin is a car insurance service from Adira Insurance that provides two types of protection, namely comprehensive and TLO. One of the advantages of Autocillin is that it has a number of features that make it easier for customers to access insurance services.

This feature is in the form of Autocillin Mobile Claim Application, which is a claim feature that can be done via a smartphone application ; Autocillin Mobile Service, which is a feature of insurance services located in public places; and Same Day Repair, a car repair service that can be completed on the same day.

6. Axa Auto Insurance

Axa Auto Insurance offers four types of protection, namely basic TLO, comprehensive , TLO smart drive , and comprehensive smart drive .

In smart drive protection , both TLO and comprehensive , there is an extension of benefits including guarantees for strikes, riots, riots, terrorism, sabotage, floods and hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunamis, as well as third party legal liability.

Interestingly, let alone breaking down due to flooding, with Axa Auto Insurance car insurance, even losing car keys can get compensation.

Purchasing an Axa Auto Insurance car insurance policy can be done online on the official website.

7. Jasaraharja Putera car insurance (JP-Astor)

Asuransi Jasaraharja Putera has been established since 1993 in Jakarta and has provided insurance services to the public for more than 20 years. 

One of Jasaraharja's insurance services is JP-Astor, an insurance company that is engaged in vehicle protection. JP-Astor has two insurance products, namely TLO and all risk . 

Compared to other insurance products, JP-Astor is known for its affordable premium prices.

Tips for buying a car insurance policy

From a number of features possessed by various insurance companies above, the majority of insurance companies have gone digital . So, there are no more stories about the complicated claims process and the hassle of going back and forth to the insurance officer.

Even so, choosing car insurance also has tips and tricks so that the benefits you get can be optimal. 

Before buying an insurance policy, first consider the five tips below.

1. Know the condition of the car and the location of use

To choose car insurance that suits your needs, you must first understand the condition of the car. New cars and old cars or cars that have been used for a long time have different needs. That way, the insurance services that need to be chosen can be different.

If the car price is high, so it requires even a large fee for minor damage, you should choose all risk insurance . All risk insurance is also suitable for rental cars that are prone to minor damage, such as scratches.

The location factor also influences the type of insurance. For example, if the streets you pass on a daily basis are quite quiet, but the neighborhood where you live is known for a high crime rate, then choosing TLO insurance can be more effective.

2. Choose insurance with a premium that suits your needs and abilities

You certainly don't want to suddenly have to pay premiums in arrears, so you can't get the maximum insurance benefits. Therefore, calculate how much money you can allocate to pay the premium.

As an illustration, the average car insurance premium price ranges from 0.8 to 1 percent of the car price for TLO car insurance, and 2 to 3 percent of the car price for all risk car insurance .

Compare the amount of premiums and facilities provided by each insurance company. For that, you can take advantage of the comparison feature on the GoBear website .

3. Check the credibility of the insurance company

The reputation of the insurance company can be seen from the ratio of customer complaints, the quality of the company's partner workshops, and the claim procedures that are not difficult for customers. 

To get this information, don't hesitate to search from various sources, ranging from the Internet to asking directly to car insurance customers you know.

One of the most important things, choose an insurance company that is registered and supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

4. Pay attention to the service features offered

Each type of car insurance must provide different benefits. Therefore, make sure you know what service features are provided. Not only the main service, but also additional services, such as tow truck facilities, procurement of replacement cars, ambulances, hotline service , and so on.

Even though it looks attractive, there is no need to add additional coverage if you don't really need it. You don't want to pay more premiums for benefits you don't use, do you?

5. Pay attention to partner workshop services

Partner repair shops are an important aspect of choosing car insurance. If something happens to the car, the partner repair shop is the main goal for making repairs. 

Apart from making sure that the partner workshop has a good reputation, you should also make sure that the insurance company has a partner workshop close to your domicile. 

Having car insurance is one way of financial protection from the risk of loss that we cannot predict. Choose car insurance that suits your needs and abilities to get optimal car insurance benefits.