List of the Best Life Insurance 2021

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The best life insurance is one that offers high sum insured at a low premium and is managed by a company with a good reputation. In addition, if possible there are benefits of returning premiums.

Before determining the best choice, we need to understand the meaning first. Life insurance ( life insurance ) is a product that provides compensation or sum insured (UP) to the heirs (family) if the customer dies or has a total permanent disability. 

By having this product, we guarantee that our family will not experience difficulties if we are no longer able to work for a living or die.

List of the Best Life Insurance 2020

List of the Best Life Insurance in the World

Life insurance product which is divided into term life insurance and whole life .

Term life is a product that is active for a certain period. Meanwhile, whole life is a type of insurance that is active for the life of the policy holder.

Lifepal has summarized which companies with the best life insurance products in 2021.

1. Manulife

PT Asuransi Jiwa Manulife Indonesia (Manulife) is a Canadian company that began operating in Indonesia since 1985. This long experience has made this company record stable finances with the ability to pay debts of four times in 2018.

One of the best products from Manulife is Term Saving Protection, which is a term life insurance with a 100 percent premium refund if there are no claims at the end of the insurance period. 

Customers will also get life protection for 12 or 15 years with the benefit of disbursing twice the sum insured if the insured dies due to an accident.

2. AXA Mandiri

AXA Mandiri is a joint venture company between AXA Group and Bank Mandiri which was founded in 1991. This brand has 1,900 agents throughout Indonesia, making it easy to reach customers in various regions.

AXA Mandiri Secure Plan is one of the best pure life insurance policies from AXA Mandiri . The reason is, p , which offers protection for 10 years, provides a return of 110 percent premium if there are no claims. In addition, customers only need to pay premiums for the first 5 years.

3. Cigna

Cigna is a multinational insurance brand that started operating in Indonesia since 1990. The company focuses on providing life and health insurance for individuals and families.

Cigna Family Eazilife is Cigna's flagship product because it can cover seven family members in one policy with a refund of premiums at the end of the insurance period. 

In addition, customers can also get a sum insured of up to Rp. 500 million with a protection period of 10 years. Not only life protection, Cigna Family Eazilife also carries the risk of critical illness.

4. Sun Life

Sun Life is a multinational company that was founded in 1965. In Indonesia, this brand offers various types of products, from term life, whole life, to unit links. 

One of the attractive policies from Sun Life is the Sun Safety Like Insurance because apart from providing life protection, this product also covers the risk of critical illness with a refund of the premium. We can get these benefits only by setting aside starting from IDR 248 thousand per month.

5. Prudential

Prudential is a multinational company that was founded in 1848 and entered Indonesia in 1995 under the name PT Prudential Life Assurance . Apart from whole life products, this company also provides the best sharia life insurance.

The best Prudential unit-linked life insurance is the New Generation PRULink because it is available in conventional and sharia forms. Apart from life protection, this product also offers investment benefits with premiums starting from IDR 400 thousand per month.

6. AIA

AIA is a global company from Hong Kong and entered Indonesia in 1983. Customer service is one of the advantages of this brand, namely the MyAIA smartphone application. Through this platform, AIA customers can check insurance participant numbers, register health services at partner hospitals, and submit claims. 

The best AIA policy is AIA Critical Protection . not only provides life protection, this policy also covers critical illnesses until the age of 99. Customers can also choose a premium payment period, between 10-20 years with the benefit of a loyalty bonus at the end of the insurance period.

7. Simas Soul

Simas Jiwa was founded in 1995. In 2019, the company had 503 active agents with Siji Access customer service, making it easier for customers to check policies online.

Simas Maxi Plan is one of the best products for parents as it covers up to 100 years of age. At the end of the insurance period, the customer will get a refund.

8. Allianz

Allianz was founded in 1890. This German company markets many investment insurance products in Indonesia.

One of the leading Allianz life insurance companies is the SmartLink New Flexi Account because it offers life protection until the age of 100 with investment benefits. Customers can also add various riders ranging from critical illness coverage to premium exemption.

9. Sequis Life

Sequis Life was founded in 1984 and has a license from the Financial Services Authority. Sequis Life's financial health is very good, because it is able to pay its long-term debt almost six times in 2018, so the risk of default on claims is very low.

Q Smart Life is this brand's flagship policy because it offers life protection until the age of 100. In addition, customers can borrow 80 percent of the cash value for urgent needs

10. Generali

Generali is an Italian company founded in 1831. This brand in 60 countries focuses on providing the best unit-linked life insurance products in Indonesia.